Construction and Real Estate
I can provide you with legal counsel and representation, if
You would like to build, but authorities or neighbours are contesting your plans.
You trade in realty, or if you have to enter into easement contracts.
You would like to buy or sell a realty (including the acquisition and sale by non-swiss nationals and the fiscal aspects deriving thereof).
Problems regarding the lease of residential and business premises have to be solved (drafting of contracts, negotiations or the conduct of a case).
You, as an architect or contractor, have to conclude a complex contractor agreement or there are disagreements in regard to claims made due to a cost overrun (including any questions pertaining to the SIA standards).
You, as an enterpriser or contractor, are confronted with problems, e.g. questions concerning construction defects or disputes associated with the settlement of an account or invoice. Equally, when general contractor agreements or cooperation agreements between syndicates are to be concluded or claims between the parties are disputed.
You would like to draw up a will or a testamentary contract or the distribution of an estate has to be made. Additionally, if taxation issues concerning the execution of a will or concerning an inheritance arise.